Episode 6 Servant Leadership Exposed

Aug 30, 2021

Servant leadership is more than just laying yourself down for serving the needs of the team you are leading; then, this is a wake-up call for you. You might not realize, but that mindless strategy is driving you and your company to a disaster. 

Let’s dive in and combat the self-defeating mishaps in servant leadership and correct our practice to our success and our team holistically. 

[00:01 – 02:05] Opening Segment

  • Welcome to the show 
  • Leadership is an essential company aspect.
  • No company is perfect 

[02:06 – 04:01] Foundations of Leadership

  • Engineering illustration: building design
    • It starts at the top
  • Do you have a suitable foundation for your business?

[04:02 – 12:18] Servant Leadership Exposed

  • Attending to every care is NOT servant leadership
  • Your company must produce strong, competent leaders!
  • Servant leadership defined
    • Care for yourself while caring for others too!
  • Make sure to give big impact
  • Look no further 
    • Who is your community?
  • Accept the fact: you’re not a superhero
    • Balance is the key


[12:19 – 17:07] What role are you serving?

  • Examine yourself
  • It’s not too late!
  • 10 qualities of a servant leader
    • Let’s recount related episodes
      • Engineer’s Blueprint for a Balanced Life
      • Communicating Your Way to Success
  • Think on these things:
    • Are your actions helping or hurting the long term development of your organization?
    • Are you winning the battle but losing the war?

[17:08 – 18:53] Closing Segment

  • Blog is under the works
    • What’s your take on the previous articles? What are your questions?
    • Let me hear directly from you! Take the audio survey.


Tweetable Quotes:

“If you don’t have leadership, if you’re not taking leadership or control of your life, then it lacks direction, if it’s your company, and your company lacks leadership, guess what: it’s going to lack direction.” – Dr. James Bryant

“Leaders may eat last but they still need to eat. Putting others before you does not mean that you forget yourself.” – Dr. James Bryant

“ A servant leader serves others through the development of the ability of the people that they lead to serve themselves, so that they can serve their community.” – Dr. James Bryant


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