Episode 4 Execute Your Plan

Aug 16, 2021


Many have good, well thought out intentions, but intention is not the same thing as execution. You can have great intentions but intention alone will not help you achieve success. This episode is the next step in the Engineer’s Blueprint for a Balanced Life. We’ll take a look at how we can collect everything we’ve learned from the previous steps and begin putting your plan into action in order to achieve the balanced life you deserve. 


Let’s dive right in and learn how to execute your plan by clearing the roadblocks and motivating the desire to change. 


[00:01 – 02:38] Opening Segment

    • Welcome to the show 
    • Continuing the Engineer’s Blueprint for a Balanced Life
      • Recap of the blueprint
      • Our last discussions
    • Takeaways from the last episodes
      • What matters most
      • Visualizing success
      • Design your plan
    • This week, 4th step: 
      • Execute your plan
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[02:39 – 07:11] Execute Your Plan

  • Quick recap of designing your plan
  • An intro to executing the plan
    • Examples
    • Intention vs. execution
  • The roadblocks of achieving your goals
    • Lack of a plan
    • failure to execute the plan
  • Planning is not hard, but executing is 
    • It requires changes 
    • It is still worthwhile
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[07:12 – 13:05] Execute Your Plan: Clearing the Roadblocks

  • The fear of failure and the fear of success
    • Generally it’s the fear of change 
    • Embrace and acknowledge your fear 
  • How to play it out 
    • ‘This is just who I am…’ 
    • Take ownership of your own outcomes 
  • Executing the plan
    • Adjusting and monitoring the process
    • The plan is only a map, you need to follow it 

[13:06 – 14:59] Closing Segment

  • You need to surround yourself with like-minded people
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  • I want to hear from you 
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  • Final Words


Tweetable Quotes:

“You can have great intention to do something, but intention alone, in and of itself, will not help you achieve success… the success that you want comes as a direct result of executing the plan.” – Dr. James Bryant

“When you set your mind on changing, when you set your mind on a goal… and you actually achieve your goal, it is a worthwhile endeavor.” – Dr. James Bryant 

“Obstacles actually provide opportunities. Strength is on the other side of whatever the struggle is that you may face in instituting this change, in executing your plan.” – Dr. James Bryant

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