Sep 6, 2022

Welcome again to another episode of Engineer Your Success! Our Guest today is Jeff Perry

Jeff is the founder of More Than Engineering and serves as a leadership and career coach for ambitious engineers and technology professionals who want to create great careers and lives they love! Through his personalized programs, he helps individuals and teams get clarity, upgrade their mindsets, and take decisive action towards meaningful goals.

Let’s know more about Jeff with no further ado Let’s dive in!

[00:30 – 08:24] More Than Engineering: How to Stay Connected and Fulfilled as an Engineer

  • Jeff is a career coach and engineer who has had success transitioning into a new career.
  • He discusses how he became at a career plateau and decided to make a change, which led to him founding more than engineering.
  • Jeff’s shirt says “I’m an engineer, but I’m more than that.”
  • Jeff shares that the early days of his company were challenging due to a lack of experience and not knowing what to expect.

[08:25 – 16:45] How to Overcome Resistance to Selling

  • Jeff shares that he had to connect with the “why” behind his goals in order to overcome challenges and achieve success.
  • He shares that one tool he uses to do this is the “five whys.”
  • Jeff identified an area where he needed to do some work and that he tried to get to the root cause of reluctance to sell or other barriers.

[16:45 – 24:38] Jeff’s Top 3 Success Principles for Engineers

  • Jeff has been successful in his engineering career by developing a mindset of being people first and focusing on relationships and mutual success.
  • One success principle that Jeff recommends is having an outward mindset, which means seeing people as people and caring about their success.
  • Jeff also recommends being transformational, not transactional, in all relationships.

[24:39 – 32:07] Being Intentional and proactive in decision making

  • Be Intentional about becoming who you want to be and what you want your career to look like
  • Tools to help with this include defining your career goals, filtering opportunities based on those goals, and setting up a system for collecting data to assess the impact of changes
  • Continuous improvement process that leads to achieving results that are aligned with your goals

[32:08 – 34:18] Closing Segment

  • Parting Notes

Resources Mentioned:

Designing Your Work Life: How to Thrive and Change and Find Happiness at Work  

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Tweetable Quotes:

“We continue to improve. It’s a continuous improvement process where you’re implementing changes. You’re assessing the impact of those changes on the results you want. And then from that observed outcome and the observed inputs, you start to make changes.”  

– Dr. James Bryant

“What are those criteria that you can use as a set of filters that can run opportunities and different things through so that when they come your way, you can say, Hey, does that meet the criteria? Whether that’s the values you wanna live by or the things you want to learn, or the areas you want to spend your time in. Because if you don’t have those things defined. Then you’ll just be reactive to things coming your way.” – Jeff Perry



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