Jun 28, 2022

Aaron is an ACC-certified coach, the author of The New Generation Leader, and the host of The New Generation Leader podcast. He is a graduate of the University of Richmond and holds a Master of Divinity. Aaron lives in Richmond with his wife and 2 daughters. When he’s not coaching leaders, he’s coaching the girls’ softball teams. 

In this episode Aaron Shares his perspective and takes on how to think as a leader, strengthening the skill sets needed to run a business or organization, we also discuss how the pandemic shifted into a modern workplace and recognize factors a leader should have in today’s world. 


[00:31 – 09:03] Dr. James Bryant’s Podcast: Your Success Podcast with Aaron Lee

  • Dr. James Bryant is the host of the engineer, your success podcast, and has a good friend and colleague Aaron Lee on the show.
  • Aaron Lee is a leadership consultant and has worked with partner organizations to overcome turnover, conflict, and paralysis in their communication collaboration.
  • One thing that our audience might find interesting about Aaron is that they’re not gonna hear this anywhere else.


[09:03 – 18:06] Leaders Struggle to Keep Up During the Pandemic

  • Leaders have always been accidental, but the pandemic has changed that.
  • Before the pandemic, leaders could be accidental because they had enough people to manage and they didn’t have to worry about them.
  • Now, with the pandemic, leaders have to be intentional in their approach to managing their remote teams.
  • One of the ways leaders can be intentional is by taking steps to be healthy themselves.


[18:06 – 26:20] Leaders need to check in with people to ensure a healthy foundation

  • The five factors that leaders should consider when assessing their own performance are sense of purpose, place, provision, personal health, and people.
  • Individuals’ sense of purpose changed during the pandemic, as they were more aware of their purpose in the world.
  • Physical location is also a significant factor for leaders, as those who are remote may not have access to the same types of resources that those who are in the office do.
  • Leaders should be aware of how their communication styles are affecting their team’s productivity.”


[26:21 – 33:00] Closing Segment


Learn more about Aaron Lee  by visiting his website at newgenerationleader.com



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Raising your level of awareness is really key because that eliminates judgment. ” – Dr. James Bryant


“What I’ve recognized is when I slow down and I listen to everybody else, I can put the pieces of all of their perspectives together and make our plan far greater than my plan was if I had just launched into it from the beginning.” – Aaron Lee



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