Mar 29, 2022
Over the past 20 years Jake has led and trained creative businesses and nonprofits across the United States and Europe. Jake’s specialty is guiding creative leaders to create clear missions, powerful teams, and intentional growth. He helps underperforming businesses uncomplicate issues and take action with repeatable systems. 

Jake has certifications by Business Made Simple, Michael Hyatt – Full Focus Planner Pro and LEGO Serious Play.  Jake has been married to Suzanne for 16 years and they have four children. Jake spends his free time reading, hiking, playing games, and drawing.

Let’s dive into today’s show, shall we?

[00:01 – 08:59] Opening Segment

  • Jake didn’t want to grow up like his seniors did
    • Changing his major changed him for the better and worst
  • When Jake started to become the person that he hated
    • The things that made him redirect his path
    • Nobody else will value your time for you
  • Jake’s current family life
    • The risks were worth the taking

[09:00 – 21:23] They were brave enough to notice 

  • Jake’s definition of success
    • where hope and anticipation of trying days collide
  • What Jake currently does to help others have a balanced life
    • The tools Jake developed
    • Using LEGO’s to unpack great ideas

[21:24 – 24:46] Success Principles from Jake

  • Decide what’s important
  • Do the people around you smile?

[24:47 – 26:20] Closing Segment

  • Parting Notes

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