Ep. 19 - Use the Engineer's Blueprint to Find Balance at Every Stage in Life

Nov 29, 2021


Everyone knows how real the struggle is for when we want to do more with the life we have. Achieving this kind of balance is a worthy pursuit that takes effort to accomplish. If you have been with me since the first episode, you will know that there is a way to achieve a work-life balance that you should couple with the strong desire to move forward.


Let’s dive into today’s episode!


[00:01 – 04:17] Opening Segment

  • Welcome back to the show! 
    • This week, let’s talk about work-life balance. 
    • If you’re a new listener, please let me share with you a few things about myself. Feel free to connect!
  • 2022 is an exciting year!
    • Brace yourselves for our next episodes with our valuable guests
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[04:18 – 22:05] Work-Life Balance from a veteran’s eyes

  • Digging deeper into Work-Life Balance
    • The definition 
    • The tension
    • If you are currently struggling, recommend starting with the Engineer’s Blueprint for a balanced-life
    • How will it help if you achieve a balanced life?
  • A bird’s eye view on how the blueprint works
    • I share my high-achieving client’s transformational experience
    • My retired client wanted to strengthen his relationship with his children
    • Delegating someone else to manage his time
    • I share how the story how we worked on the problem
  • Some practical steps you don’t want to miss


[22:06 – 25:01] Closing Segment

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Let me know how have you been doing in your pursuit in achieving your work-life balance goals? Let me know and you might be featured on the show!

  • Parting Notes

Tweetable Quotes:

“Execution is critical for your success.” – Dr. James Bryant

“If you are still early in your career and early in your family, there’s no better time than the present to start focusing on what really matters most to you.. Remember to make that investment early and often into your family and into yourself.” – Dr. James Bryant

“It is never too late for you to take control of your situation and shift your focus.” – Dr. James Bryant

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