Begin Creating Your Life Plan to Sustained Success

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Hero on a Mission

This interactive workshop helps you create your plan for a fulfilled and meaningful life.  We use active coaching, interactive exercises and peer support to help you plan a life that matters.  This is the life that you have wanted.

Your Plan to Creating A Life Of Meaning:

  1. Book a Workshop
  2. Create a clear vision for your life and set the right goals
  3. Develop a daily routine that reminds you where you’re going and helps you prioritize your life


This workshop will be two, 4-hour Virtual Sessions

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Engineering Your Success

As an engineering leader you know firsthand that achieving work-life balance can be hard. Many business owners struggle with balancing their personal needs along with the needs of their business. Many people now what to do, fewer people know how to do it, and a select group of people actually achieve the balanced life that they want.  This workshop is designed to accelerate your ability to engineer your success and start designing your balanced life.

Engineer Your Success:

  1. Book a Workshop
  2. Design the blueprint for your balanced life
  3. Have a life and business that you love

This workshop will be one, 3-hour Virtual Session

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Effective Communication: Your Bridge to Success

Engineers are often required to have a wide range of skills. They need to be able to design, analyze, and implement solutions. But engineers also often need to communicate their ideas and the details of their solutions with other members of the team, clients, partners, or the public. Have you ever given a presentation and noticed the glossed look of the eyes of your audience?  Provided a detailed email only to learn that the message was not conveyed to the reader?


Communication is an essential tool for engineers because it provides an opportunity for them to share their ideas with others who may not have been involved in the design process. Engineers who, in addition to their technical skill, have the ability to communicate well accelerate their career growth and their value to their company.


If you want to grow the opportunities for your career or business you must learn how to communicate well.  If you can communicate well, you unlock unlimited growth for your company and your career.


Effective Communication: Your Bridge to Success

  1. Sign-up for this workshop
  2. Learn the essential elements of effective communication
  3. Transform communication from a barrier into a bridge for your success


This workshop will be one, 3-hour Virtual Session

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Engineer to Executive

Coming Soon!