Welcome to Engineer Your Success, I’m your host Dr. James Bryant, a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, and engineering professional who is passionate about your success in business and life. Whether you are an engineering leader or business owner, this is the right podcast for you! As a leader, you know firsthand that achieving work life balance can be hard.

Do you struggle with balancing between your personal and professional needs? I’m here to tell you, you did not have to choose between building the business of your dreams and enjoying life. This podcast will help you engineer your success by providing the tools, tips and techniques that will help you plan and design your balance in life.


Listen in and learn more about what you can expect from this show and how it will help you engineer success in YOUR life!

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Ep. 32 – The Time I had a Work-Life Balance Breakthrough

Mar 1, 2022 Today’s show is an interview episode I had with Jerome Myers!    If you remember one of our previous episodes, Jerome is the very first guest we had on the show, and we are very honored to have him share many great and amazing stories with us. I am honored to be able to share my passion, my work ethic, and my advice to those who may have lost their way to a balanced life. Listen throughout the show and remember to …

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Ep. 31 – Let’s Turn your Frustrations to Freedom

  Feb 22, 2022 Pete helps entrepreneurs transform their frustrations into freedoms by using a variety of frameworks that help them cut through the chaos and overwhelm of running a business.  With over 25 years as a business owner, he’s refined many of his tips, tools, and techniques in the trenches within his own businesses. You own your business; it shouldn’t own you.  It’s time to start using frameworks that allow you to have a turnkey business so that you can live the life you …

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Ep. 30 – How to Engineer a Work-Life Balanced Lifestyle

Ep. 30 – How to Engineer a Work-Life Balanced Lifestyle Feb 15, 2022   Camille Walton is an energetic and enthusiastic certified career coach and facilitator. Before becoming a coach, Camille was a marketer with a unique ability to combine problem-solving, customer insights, and raw creativity to be an asset to organizations, from boutique consumer products and goods (CPG) manufacturers to large medical device companies.   While Camille’s marketing work was award-winning, revenue-generating, and groundbreaking, it was working as a Dress for Success Tampa Bay …

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Ep. 29 – The Mindset of Success

Ep. 29 – The Mindset of Success In today’s yet another special Engineer Your Success episode, I give you an excerpt from the talk I did last time on a Real Estate meetup where the discussions circled around financial freedom through apartment investing. I was then asked to speak about Success Mindset, and indeed, this refreshing speaking engagement hopes to build up the backbone of the attendees in meeting their goals.  Let’s dive in!   [00:01 – 03:06] Opening Segment Welcome back to the show!  …

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28 – Taking Another Dive with Jerome Myers

Ep. 28 – Taking Another Dive with Jerome Myers Are you stuck in the Matrix?   Many of us are silently asking ourselves, is there more to life?   Jerome Myers (a/k/a “J”) is a developer of people and places. He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of two ventures. DreamCatchers is a boutique coaching firm that supports first and second generation wealth creators self-actualize and attain transcendence, and The Myers Development Group, where we help ordinary people invest in multifamily real estate in …

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Ep. 27 – Delivering Great Presentations

Ep. 27 – Delivering Great Presentations Presentations ought not to be dependent solely on having visually appealing slides to communicate the message you need to present. If you are nervous about presenting, here are very practical and direct tips you need to learn to prepare for that scary task ahead of you. For sure, you will nail that presentation in no time.    Let’s dive in! [00:01 – 06:30] Opening Segment Welcome back to the show!  New here? Let me share some things about me! …

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Ep. 26 – How to Overcome Procrastination

Ep. 26 – How to Overcome Procrastination Jan 18, 2022 Welcome back to the show! Today, we will hear an excerpt from our last UnWebinar last December. Our participants will share their experiences they had from this meeting as well as their realizations and takeaways regarding the topic. Procrastination still remains as the worst self-sabotage techniques we have been under the influence of, one way or another. If you are interested in keeping yourself away from procrastination, listen throughout the episode and let me know …

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Ep. 25 – Your Key to Gaining Clarity

Ep. 25 – Your Key to Gaining Clarity Jan 11, 2022 Ancient Greeks are known to live by the Axiom “Know Thyself” for centuries. Socrates has said that when we know ourselves is when we begin to have Wisdom. We are on to 2022’s 2nd week, and we have so many days ahead of us to conquer. If you are struggling to be clear with the path ahead of you, may this episode shed some light on your struggle.   Let’s dive in!   [00:01 …

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