Episode 13 Engineer Your Goals

Released: Oct 18, 2021

Do you do what it takes to turn your dreams into achievable goals? What are some things that keep you from not achieving them? If you were to be asked, what are the steps you would take to get there successfully? Today’s episode is a call for you to get to your action, and further your success. That’s only possible if you engineer your steps to get that golden goal.

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Let’s dive in!

[00:01 – 04:43] Opening Segment

Welcome to the show It’s the little things that I love  Finishing the Year Strong – Please be expectant for November through December! We have lots of awesome shows in the works

[04:44 – 15:48] Setting and Achieving Goals

The Difference of Goals from Dreams These two are life-changing factors Do you fail in setting and accomplishing your goals? I list the tips in knowing what you need to do to achieve goals This is essential! Don’t skip. Do you do SMART steps to get to the goal? Break it down (not the rap song) Be clear. What’s your why’s?

What’s the reason why you want to achieve your goal?

 How does achieving that goal make your life meaningful?

Do you have the right resources?

[15:49 – 17:04] Closing Segment

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Your dreams are only limited by your imaginations, but the accomplishment of your goals, those are limited by your plans and more specifically, by the actions that you take to execute those plans.” – Dr. James Bryant

“You did not link the goal that you have to your why.” – Dr. James Bryant

“One of the things that people will do is to have a goal, so big, that it is unachievable, and when they don’t achieve it, they become negative on themselves and they begin to discourage themselves from achieving any kind of goal.” – Dr. James Bryant

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