Sep 20, 2022

Welcome to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant.  Today’s episode talks about Marketing and Messaging and how to clarify your message to the point where it can grab the attention of your audience. Dr. James also shares their Success on Ramp session for tonight, and invites you to join future Ramp events! And how this helps you be prepared and precise in marketing your product to your customers. 

[00:30 – 07:31] How to Clarify Your Message to Capture Attention

  • The Success on-ramp event is a complimentary event where like-minded people can achieve their goals.
  • This week’s episode is focused on marketing and messaging and how to concisely communicate the value proposition or problem to the audience.
  • The next few week’s episodes feature interviews with three business owners in the marketing space.  Such as Karen Morgan, Kate DiLeo, Sarah Banowetz
  • The goal of this episode is to help individuals succeed in business and life by learning to tell their stories or talk about their products in a way that grabs attention.

[07:32 – 14:44] Marketing materials that focus on the customer’s problem instead of the product’s

  • Dr. James shares how he enters the marketing space.
  • A few years ago, Dr. James, went through some training to get a business coach certification.
  • As part of that certification, one of the things that we went through was building, a storied brand marketing framework.
  • This framework is built around inviting your customers into a story where your customer is the hero.
  • Your company is the guide that comes alongside the hero and helps them. 

[14:45 – 22:05] The 60 Second Solution to Being Memorable

  • Dr. James attended the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials Committee on Maintenance. At this annual meeting, there are representatives from across the country who come to discuss highway maintenance.
  • The vendors and sponsors are given time to talk about their company to the whole group.
  • One company nailed it by using their time to describe exactly who they were, what they provided, and why you needed to use their product.
  • Giving you an idea of their solution as they addressed the problem and the value that you received with their product.

[22:06 – 24:57] Closing Segment

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“It’s not just about your product, but it’s about your customer and the issues that your customer face and the customer’s view of your product.” – Dr. James Bryant


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