Aug 16, 2022


Welcome to Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant. A quick reminder, the next series of the Success on Ramp will be scheduled for august the 16th from 6:00 Pm to 7:00 pm Eastern Time. The session will focus on building your vision. It is an important area of topic. for most of us, to conquer and master because vision gives imagination and permission as we are often limited by what we can see. If you’re interested in expanding your capacity to dream and you do not want to mix the next three Ramp sessions. These are small group meetings and limited to 12 participants so make sure to use the links below to save your spot.

Today’s episode is in response to the following question I received and it’s “Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?” let’s dive in and know what imposter syndrome is about and how it affects our growth as an individual with no further ado let’s jump in!

[00:01 – 06:08] What is Impostor Syndrome

  • 25 to 30% of high achievers may suffer from imposter syndrome
  • some adults may experience imposter syndrome at least one time in their life
  • imposter syndrome includes the inability to realistically assess your competence and skills, attributing success to external factors, fear of overachieving, and finding self-doubt and settling for challenging goals.

[06:08 – 15:26] Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

  • How imposter syndrome can be a problem and how to overcome it.
  • it would be highly recommended to start with mirror moments, where you look at yourself objectively and see your accomplishments.
  • Keeping track of your accomplishments can also help overcome imposter syndrome.
  • you start to overachieve
  • tendencies that you work or study more because you think you needed to be better than everyone else because you are not as competent as everyone else. 
  • it fuels and pushes you to do great things and it’s better to take hold of that story

and use it for your benefit.

  • Always remember to never let anyone craft a story for you that tells you, you do not belong because you do.

[15:26 – 17:12] Closing Segment

  • Parting Notes


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“You belong in the room, you belong at the table, you belong in the place to create your own room and table. Never, ever let anyone craft a story for you that tells you that you do not belong because you do.” – Dr. James Bryant

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