Jul 26, 2022


Welcome again to another episode of Engineer Your Success! Today, our special guest

Jeniffer Todd


Jennifer is a 15-year woman in the construction industry veteran. She was the youngest Black woman to acquire California’s CSLB General Engineering (A) license. Today, she is the President of LMS General Contractors. Jennifer Todd is the Founder of A Greener Tomorrow, a 501c3 nonprofit geared toward creating skill trade awareness for minorities. 

Jennifer Todd is a public speaker who is committed to the advancement of women in construction and minority inclusivity in the skilled trades workforce.

Todd serves on the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Industry Leaders Council and the National Association of Black Women in Construction (NABWIC) Education Committee. 



Let’s dive in!


[00:31 – 06:52] Opening Segment

  • Jennifer Todd is an engineer and business owner with a law background and a speaker.
  • She is from Chicago and has been in the construction industry for 15 years.
  • Jennifer discusses the trends she’s seeing in the industry, including a labor shortage and the need for diversity in hiring and decision-making.
  • Jennifer shares her success principles, which include knowing who you are and what you’re willing to put up with.


[06:52 – 13:27] NON PROFIT: There is Really Not a Lot of Competition Out There

  • There is a lot of power in knowing who you are and investing in yourself.
  • Staying on your own course is key to not being in competition with other people.
  • Every individual has a different path and trajectory.
  • The work that the nonprofit does is helping low-income individuals get started in careers.
  • Most of them are not competing with each other but instead inspiring one another
  • Jennifer discusses that self-discipline is shown both at work and at home.


[13:27 – 18:15] Closing Segment

  • the importance of access to opportunity, as well as understanding the pathway to that opportunity.
  • It is also important to have a playbook for navigating opportunities, which is something that Jennifer’s Company was able to provide its employees.
  • Jennifer shares that Many of the employees who worked with them have no background and were able to gain experience from them, After getting certifications these employees were able to achieve success after working with the company.


[18:27 – 24:15] Closing Segment

  • Parting Notes
  • Learn more about Jennifer Todd by following her on LinkedIn




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Tweetable Quotes:

“Having access to the opportunity, knowing about the opportunity is one thing, understanding in general, that there’s a path to that opportunity is another thing.” – Dr. James Bryant


“ Who you are at home is who you are at work and vice versa, the discipline doesn’t cut off and on. Whatever those traits are and, things that you have in your life, it goes across both ways”

  – Jennifer Todd



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