Jul 12, 2022

Welcome again to another episode of Engineer Your Success! Today, our special guest Billy Keels!

Billy is on a mission to help those high-wage earners and/or retirees that have been forgotten about by so many in society. He’s determined to help you feel comfortable and confident going against conventional wisdom by being okay with investing real assets and doing that beyond your backyard! As a long-distance real asset investor, Billy is utilizing the skills that he’s developed over the last 23 years as a happy, successful corporate employee at some of the world’s largest market-leading IT multinational companies to become an entrepreneur. As part of his journey, he’s hyper-focused on consistently helping you to create new alternatives for your life so that you can be also happy about going into your job (or not)!

Let’s dive in!

00:30 – 07:19] Opening Segment

  • Billy Keels Introduces himself
  • Billy tells Dr. James about himself and one thing that would not be in his bio is that he’s a recovering perfectionist.
  • Billy talks about enjoying making mistakes and how this helps him to improve.
  • Dr. James talks about how being a recovering perfectionist can be a hindrance to growth, and how praising the process can help overcome this.

[07:20 – 21:31] Learning Five Languages 

  • Billy shares that he always moves around and seeing his parents struggle to provide a good education for them it became a motivation for him to learn other languages.
  • When he was 26, Billy has already traveled to 58 countries and had experienced selling over the phone in French.
  • A failure event led him to apply the same process in learning Spanish. in order to work with a Spanish team. Eventually, he became the manager of the team.
  • He shares that his boss offers him an opportunity to work overseas and it’s going to be in Italy
  • He took classes at the office and then went to Italy to lead and build the sales team.
  • Billy was able to sell in different languages by understanding the cultural context and using his methodology.


[21:31 – 28:42] How A Painful Event Helped One Man Become An Excellent Student

  • Billy’s experience in the dot com bubble and 2008 recession led to a change in his goals, which included becoming financially independent and becoming a better father.
  • He became a better student by studying theory and watching videos, listening to podcasts, and reading books.
  • In 2008, he lost 33% of the value of his portfolio
  • Working overseas and Missing his eldest son’s birthday, made Billy realize to aim and own the financial outcomes of his life.
  • This event caused him to reassess his goals and learn more about financial planning and investing.

[28:42 – 37:20] Successful Journey from Corporate to Self-Employed Millionaire

  • How Billy’s personal growth and change in priorities led to increased success in his professional life.
  • He talks about how he would often sacrifice hours from his day job in order to spend more time with his family.
  • After achieving a 48% increase in sales, Billy realized that he has gained control of his financial life and said that he would never go back to a corporate role, He decided to pursue a different path.
  • He now works as a successful real estate investor and has never looked back since.


[37:21 – 44:29] How Passive Income Work For Billy

  • Billy has a very specific process that he goes through to focus on himself, including some silence, meditation, affirmations, visualization, and light exercise.
  • He spends time with his children in the morning and starts working from around 4am to 7am.
  • He focuses on building a business and generating passive income in order to reduce his taxes.
  • He eventually started focusing on helping others achieve their financial goals by providing advice on accredited investors and real estate investing.


[44:30 – 49:15] Closing Segment

  • Parting Notes

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“What is it that I want in life. Do I want to be, living a life in which I’m fooling myself saying I’m doing it all for my family, but I never actually have time to spend with my family or am I really going to make the hard changes? And make the investments to do the things that I need to do to set up the life that I want while continuing to enjoy the life that I have.”  – Dr. James Bryant


“If you’re clicking and typing in your computer 15, 20 times a day, this is your number to get into the computer. That’s what you are doing in a role at a specific company and don’t confuse that role with your life.”  – Billy Keels


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