Jul 5, 2022

Dionne Douglas is a Senior Engineering Manager at the Kimberly-Clark Chester Mill (KC). She is responsible for developing the talents of her team and driving engineering results across multiple assets within the mill. In addition, Dionne sits on the Mill Leadership Team making her indirectly responsible for the overall mill success. Prior to Kimberly-Clark Dionne worked in varying industries located across the US. She spent time with The Boeing Company building the 747, 767 and 777 airplanes, with Corning, Inc producing high purity fused silica for the semiconductor industry and with Target supporting their distribution centers.

Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Dionne earned her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University and her Master of Business Administration in Executive Leadership from the Jack Welsh Management Institute. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and four daughters.


[00:31 – 09:21] Dionne Douglas Talks About Her Journey

  • Dionne Douglas and Dr. James Bryant went to high school together.
  • Dionne’s journey has taken her to different parts of the country as an electrical engineer, most recently at Kimberly Clark.
  • Dionne has experienced difficulties with her transitions especially these workplace has become significant on her growth.
  • She was really open to work 24/7 despite of being anywhere. With this she had came into realization to manage her time and stop working for the sake of her family
  • Moving into Engineering Management


[09:22 – 15:52] From Individual Contributor to Engineering Manager 

  • Dionne shares If an engineer aims to be a engineering manager he has start mentoring people most especially in co-op programs, putting a mindset of giving and feedbacking.
  • Being self-conscious and building trust with your colleagues is important.
  • Making your team understand that you had their best interest in mind.
  • Dionne also adds to letting them understand not to take things personally and its all about the business. 


[15:53 – 23:04] Building Trust With Employees

  • Trust is a two way street letting your team understand where you are coming from and vice versa
  • Being honest to yourself
  • Dionne quotes “Don’t become a manager or a leader unless you really care about the people.”

[23:05 – 30:28] Closing Segment


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Tweetable Quotes:

“I think it is key when you have a manager in an organization. That says, I am interested in you. I want to develop you into the person that I believe that you can be and that you want to be, and I’m going to help you, whether you become that person in this company or not.”

 – Dr. James Bryant

Don’t become a manager or a leader unless you really care about the people.

– Dionne Douglas


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