Jun 14, 2022

In this episode of Engineer, Your Success Podcast, Hosted by Dr. James Bryant. Dr. James discusses the new flexible, hybrid workplace and how it has changed over the past few years; he shares how high achievers remained and consistently execute their plans and achieve their dreams; even in a changing Dr. James discusses the difference between knowing what to do and doing it, urging listeners to adopt the latter mindset to achieve their goals. Furthermore, he shares the navigation and structure of meetings in a flexible working environment and how it affects each of us even after the pandemic.  He also added his insights and tips for successful hybrid meetings.  

[00:01 – 6:05] How to Engineer Your Success in a Flexible, Hybrid Work Environment

  • The key to success is consistently executing your plans.
  • Most achievers can follow through and achieve their goals.

[06:06 – 17:51]
 How to Navigate a Flexible Work Environment After the Pandemic

  • Most, if not all, will no longer be the same after the pandemic as we all adapt to change.
    • This is not a bad thing, but it is just that they will not be the same.
  • There is a new standard emerging with a flexible hybrid workplace.
  • The working environment during the pandemic allowed us to be more active and engaged at home.
  • Now that we’re coming back to the office, things are not going to be 100% the way that they were before the pandemic
  • This new normal of a flexible work environment requires leaders and workers to develop a new playbook.
  • Being flexible and willing to adapt, appreciate and hold space, and self-care.


[17:51 – 20:31] Structures of Meetings in the Flexible, Hybrid Work Environment

  • It is estimated that over 130 hours are wasted each day in unnecessary meetings, and 52% of workers are multitasking during virtual meetings
  • Organizations must grapple with how to engage their top talent in a flexible hybrid work environment
  • Technology is not the problem with hybrid meetings, but there are process issues that can arise.
  • Tips for Successful Hybrid Meetings
    • To make the meeting successful, it is important to plan for both in-person and virtual participants,
    • Designate a moderator for online chat, and communicate the purpose of the meeting.
      • Most especially in meetings that have larger participants.
    • More efficient meetings addressing issues, can cut down distracting notifications

[20:32 – 27:30] Closing Segment


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“The reality is that. For all of us, regardless of whether we were working on-site or off-site, we’ve all been changed through the pandemic. You are not the same person that you were pre-pandemic.” – Dr. James Bryant

“When you’re holding space, you’re not judging. You’re saying, okay, I appreciate who you are. I appreciate where you are. And I’m going to hold space for that because you are valued by me as the leader, you are valued by the organization” – Dr. James Bryant

“When you look through finding a balance that works, you’re looking for your organization, it has to work for your organization. It has to continue to be able to meet the mission, the need of what your organization has.” – Dr. James Bryant


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