Apr 26, 2022

In this episode of Engineer Your Success, our special guest, Brandyn Miller, adds value by sharing his experience in retail and the unforgiving truth behind the industry. Listen closely as he discusses the value of goal-setting, communication, and systemizing your marketing effort to scale.

Here’s a bit about Brandyn’s passion:

When Brandyn was a kid he grew up homeless but was determined not to stay there. So he taught himself the art of business. After 30 years of getting better and better at business, he decided to teach others to do the same so nobody has to go through the struggles He went through. Growing a business shouldn’t be a mystery. Sadly, many business owners still see it as a guessing game.

Let’s dive in!

[00:01 – 07:50] The Pains of Growing Up then Facing a Mean Boss

  • The dangers of high school counseling advice
    • People tried to put Brandyn into a box
    • Lack of routine triggers losing interest
  • How college life hits you
    • It is possible to feel lonely in a room full of people
    • Strive to balance work and school
  • Working with the world’s worst boss
    • Communication is key in resolving issues

[07:51 – 17:37] Choosing to Pivot Despite the Uncontrollable Hurdles

  • On setting expectations and communicating with others
    • Establish what winning looks like
  •  Becoming the youngest store manager in the company at 21 years old
    • It is common for young managers to be singled out by their older colleagues
  • The truth behind the retail industry
    • It is not a good place to raise children
  • The hustle for more time freedom
    • Brandyn shares his leap to the transportation industry 

[17:38 – 36:37] How Communication is Key to Business Success

  • When the need for occupational therapy arises
    • To recover faster, do not wait too long to get therapy
  • Finding systems that work to thrive in business
    •  Focus on creating a framework and finding key success factors
    • Be willing to give up certain things in order to pursue your goals
    • Engage and build relationships with customer

[36:38 – 38:37] Closing Segment

  • Parting Notes

Connect with Brandyn on LinkedIn, visit his website: https://myclearmessage.com/ 

Shoot him an email at brandyn@myclearmessage.com

Resources Mentioned: 

Banowetz Marketing: Growing a business is hard. Banowetz Marketing provides an action plan and expert help so your family business can thrive


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Tweetable Quotes:

“The universe will conspire to help you win every time.” – Brandyn Miller

“Start to learn some systems and really find some things that work every time you use them. And it’s amazing. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we don’t have to start at the bottom… When we use these things, we get to build momentum. And once we have momentum, we get to add a little bit more juice to it.” – Brandyn Miller



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