Mar 22, 2022

Jacquelyn has over 20 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry to which she has worn many hats. She has served in several leadership roles such as principal, managing director, construction manager, project manager, senior facilities engineer, as well as architectural engineering coordinator for private and public sector clients.

Currently working for Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered (DHA) since 2018, Jacquelyn is the Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, and directs all marketing and business development activities. While working on the business development efforts, she has been able to create the connections necessary to communicate and accommodate our current clients and their needs, as well as adding new clients to our nationwide database, while expanding DHA into new markets. As a seasoned professional in the construction and design industry, Jacquelyn has a solid background of measurable achievements, encompassing building and leading profitable operations, through steady growth, and market expansion.

Let’s dive in!

[00:01 – 12:06] Opening Segment

  • Jacquelyn’s word of advice to young Engineers
    • Get the best of both worlds: Engineering and business
    • Universities should equip Engineers 
  • Jacquelyn’s post-graduate experience
    • An eye-opening overseas journey
  • Lessons learned as a young engineer

[12:07 – 24:49] Building the career of your dreams

  • Construction management at Washington, DC
  • Building your network
    • Organizations and partnerships
  • The desire to help others that continue to grow each day
  • Don’t burn any bridges
  • The Biggest Challenges for Jacquelyn

[24:50 – 28:45] Success principles from Jacquelyn

  • Don’t take your parents’ encouragements for granted
  • Build your network and grow it!
  • Seek ways to learn


[28:46 – 34:56] Closing Segment

  • Jacquelyn is passionate about influencing young minds
  • Parting Notes

Tweetable Quotes:

“Do well in your Engineering courses but also, learn about business.” – Jacquelyn Glover

“I take that as a compliment that I did not burn any bridges and left people with a good spirit and a good memory of me.” – Jacquelyn Glover

“Figure out how you can be in control of your career and start making pathways to do it.” – Jacquelyn Glover

“You determine your success. No one else is responsible for your success. It is great to have mentors, but ultimately, you have to deliver. It is on you.” – Dr. James Bryant


Connect to Jacquelyn:

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