Mar 8, 2022

Mark Boenke, PE is the President of PILLAR, Inc., which was founded in 2002.   PILLAR has evolved into a premier and leading Infrastructure O&M management and advisory firm in both the asset management and P3 arena. Mark is a licensed professional engineer in the commonwealth of Virginia and has a BS is Civil Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  Mark is active and present with his family and enjoys giving back to the community.

Let’s dive into today’s show, shall we?

[00:01 – 07:20] Opening Segment

  • Mark shares to us who he is
  • Mark’s Engineering career
    • Interesting things Mark is working on


[07:21 – 14:31] How was Mark able to gain work-life balance?

  • Owning your own business is an advantage
  • The definition of success now for Mark
    • Building the life of personal and professional fulfillment
    • Learn to say no 
    • Fix your mindset
  • Is Mark’s family incorporated in the business?


[14:32 – 17:35] More necessary principles you need 

  • Pick and Choose whatever is best for you
  • Adapt to whatever life throws at you
  • Be honest with yourself


[17:36 – 23:38] Advice for Engineers

  • Develop your people skills
    • Whether you are a beginner or a senior
  • People are a big part of what you do.
  • Challenges in the industry
  • Steps to take to go deeper in the water


[23:39 – 29:14] Closing Segment

  • How you can give back to the community
  • Parting Notes


Lend a hand on these charitable organizations mentioned by Mark:

Tweetable Quotes:

“I think happiness and comfort is success right now.” – Mark Boenke, PE

“Learn to say no. Learn to delegate and trust the people that you got around you that they can handle the job. Otherwise, you will collapse.” – Mark Boenke, PE

“I think it’s important to incorporate your family so they know what your vision is, and they can help support that.” – Dr. James Bryant

“Part of having a balanced life is not only working to receive, but also giving back. I always say, the more you give back, the more you gain back.” – Mark Boenke, PE


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