Welcome to Engineer Your Success, I’m your host Dr. James Bryant, a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, and engineering professional who is passionate about your success in business and life. Whether you are an engineering leader or business owner, this is the right podcast for you! As a leader, you know firsthand that achieving work life balance can be hard.

Do you struggle with balancing between your personal and professional needs? I’m here to tell you, you did not have to choose between building the business of your dreams and enjoying life. This podcast will help you engineer your success by providing the tools, tips and techniques that will help you plan and design your balance in life.


Listen in and learn more about what you can expect from this show and how it will help you engineer success in YOUR life!

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Ep. 40 – Working for the World’s Worst Boss then Scaling through Optimized Systems with Brandyn Miller

Apr 26, 2022 In this episode of Engineer Your Success, our special guest, Brandyn Miller, adds value by sharing his experience in retail and the unforgiving truth behind the industry. Listen closely as he discusses the value of goal-setting, communication, and systemizing your marketing effort to scale. Here’s a bit about Brandyn’s passion: When Brandyn was a kid he grew up homeless but was determined not to stay there. So he taught himself the art of business. After 30 years of getting better and better …

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Ep. 39 – Let’s See our Problems as Opportunities in this Space with Josh Muller

  Apr 19, 2022   Welcome again to another episode of Engineer Your Success! Today, our special guest who will add value to our week as Engineers. Josh is currently a coach for construction and contractor companies and it is his passion to get more people involved in this space.   Here’s a bit about Josh’s passion: Most owners of construction and other contractor companies are frustrated because they feel like they’re always working—never enjoying! We have developed a proven process to help them take …

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Ep. 38 – An Honest and Clear Evaluation Boosts Company Growth

Apr 12, 2022 “What gets measured gets done.” Welcome again to the show! Today, it will just be a conversation between you and me. Companies have changed drastically due to the pandemic, but as we move forward and recover, there is now a call for their employees to get back to the office.  As we refresh and go back to our office lives, let’s head on and talk about performance evaluations and why it is highly essential for a growing and a thriving company. Let’s …

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Ep. 37 – Engineers, Stop Making Excuses, Just Do it

Apr 05, 2022 Akyiaa is a multi-passionate person who has never fit neatly into any one box. She is an engineer, entrepreneur, author, mentor, educator, and changemaker. When people ask why she does all that she does, she asks, “why not?” Let’s dive into today’s show! [00:01 – 13:13] Opening Segment Akyiaa is a multifaceted person! Engineers will be learning a lot from her today How Akyiaa became who she is today What hooked Akyiaa to like Engineering as a child Akyiaa always felt she …

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Ep. 36 – Reclaim your Childhood and Freedom through a Balanced Life

 Mar 29, 2022 Over the past 20 years Jake has led and trained creative businesses and nonprofits across the United States and Europe. Jake’s specialty is guiding creative leaders to create clear missions, powerful teams, and intentional growth. He helps underperforming businesses uncomplicate issues and take action with repeatable systems.  Jake has certifications by Business Made Simple, Michael Hyatt – Full Focus Planner Pro and LEGO Serious Play.  Jake has been married to Suzanne for 16 years and they have four children. Jake spends his free …

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Ep. 35 – Engineers, You are Responsible for Your Success

Mar 22, 2022 Jacquelyn has over 20 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry to which she has worn many hats. She has served in several leadership roles such as principal, managing director, construction manager, project manager, senior facilities engineer, as well as architectural engineering coordinator for private and public sector clients. Currently working for Delon Hampton & Associates, Chartered (DHA) since 2018, Jacquelyn is the Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, and directs all marketing and business development activities. While …

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Ep. 34 – Engineers, Not Everything is Taught at University

    Mar 15, 2022   Born in North Carolina, Jennifer grew up in southern Virginia where a long-time family friend introduced Jennifer to Civil Engineering at an early age by enlisting her help answ Born in North Carolina, Jennifer grew up in southern Virginia where a long-time family friend introduced Jennifer to Civil Engineering at an early age by enlisting her help answering phones and running errands for his construction business. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from NC State University …

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Ep. 33 – Here’s how You can Win at Work and at Home

Mar 8, 2022 Mark Boenke, PE is the President of PILLAR, Inc., which was founded in 2002.   PILLAR has evolved into a premier and leading Infrastructure O&M management and advisory firm in both the asset management and P3 arena. Mark is a licensed professional engineer in the commonwealth of Virginia and has a BS is Civil Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.  Mark is active and present with his family and enjoys giving back to the community. Let’s dive into today’s show, shall we? …

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