Work-Life Balance is Closer Than You Think

Engineers need balance too

Balancing work and life have become the unicorn of today’s fast-paced society; coveted, elusive, and thought by most to be nonexistent. The pressure to network widely, perform well at work, and be a rockstar parent has many of us crumbling under stress. Even if we do manage to pull it all off, there seems to be little time left for ourselves, which leads burnout which impacts our effectiveness both in our professional and personal lives.  

Many people may think that the engineering profession doesn’t face these types of pressures, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Engineering disciplines of all types face the daunting task of developing, designing, building and maintaining infrastructure under ever compressing deadlines, all while keeping safety and reliability in mind.   

Not only are you an engineer but you are a husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter and friend. Engineering is your profession but does not define who you are or who you need to be. Our profession supplies a certain level of fulfillment, but life has much more to offer. 

The Risks of not finding work-life balance are too great to ignore   

  • Burnout 
  • Increased Anxiety and depression 
  • Decreased Productivity at work 
  • Misplaced Self-identity  

The Benefits of Designing the Work-life balance that you want 

Designing the work-life balance that you want is more than just cutting stress. Learning to create balance in your life means taking the time to develop habits that care for your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. One of the most selfish things that you can do is not care for yourself.  When you practice balance, you take care of all of you not just part of you, which helps you achieve success both in your professional and personal life.   

  • Get the sleep that you need 
  • Supply Fuel for the life that you want – Eating healthier  
  • Exercising regularly 
  • Improved mental focus 
  • Improved Productivity 

The Engineering’s Blueprint for a Balanced Life

The first four episodes of the Engineer Your Success Podcast with Dr. James Bryant, provide a summary of the 4-step process that is included in the Engineer’s Blueprint for a balanced life

  1. Focus on what matters most 
  1. Visualize Your Balance Life 
  1. Design Your Plan 
  1. Execute Your plan 

If work-life balance is something that you are struggling to master, know that you do not have to face this challenge on you own.  I know what it feels like to struggle with the challenge of work-life balance which is why I developed the Engineer’s Blueprint for a Balanced life.  The blueprint was developed from my experience over the last 20 years as a leader in both the private and public sector building a career, the business of my dreams and a life that I love. 

Many people know what to do, fewer people know how to do it, and a select group of people actually follow-through and do it.  My goal and the purpose in life is to help you be part of that select group that follows-through and executes and achieve your balanced life.   

Need more ideas on achieving work-life balance? Download The Engineer’s Blueprint For a Balanced Life or listen to the Engineer Your Success Podcast. 

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